課程一開始,先用繪本We All Went On Safari

和歌曲Swahili Counting Song,喚醒孩子的印象。


Picture Book: We All Went on Safari



(圖片來源:Barefoot Books)



Song: Swahili Counting Song (CD: Literacy in Motion by The Learning Station)


Picture Book: Animal Spots and Stripes

1 2  



Activity: Yes or No

準備圈叉牌給孩子,根據問題回答Yes or No

例如:Do zebras have spots?



Picture Book: A House for Zebra

3 4  



Activity: Is Zelda a Horse or Zebra?

準備a white horse and ten black stripes

邊唱Zelda the horse has one stripe...

Zelda the horse has two stripes...

Zelda the horse has ten stripes on her body.

Is Zelda a horse now?



Activity: Making a Stripy Zebra



Song: Zelda Zebra

There was a lovely zebra who lived in the zoo.

She had so many stripes like the other zebras do.

She too them off at night .

She wore them all day long.

But the Zelda Zebra loved to sing this song.

Yipes, yipes! I loved my pretty stripes.

Yipes, yipes! I loved my pretty stripes.


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