Activity: From a Circle to a Square




Song: The Square Song (Sung to "You Are My Sunshine")

I am a square, a lovely square.

I have four sides, they're all the same.

I have a four corners, four lovely corners.

I am a square, that is my name.


Picture Book: The Shape of the Wold Squares

The Shape of the World Squares  



Song: Square Shape Song (Sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

因配和Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star卡拉版的音樂長度,稍微調整歌

Put your square shape in the air.

Hold it high and keep it there.

Wave your square shape left and right.

Now please lay it on the floor.

Hold your square shape, jump up hihg.

Now throw your square shape way up high.


Activity: Hunt for Squares



Picture Book: What Is Square?

What Is Square?  



Activity: Memory Game



Picture Book: Mr. Noisy Builds a House

Mr. Noisy  



Activity: House Collage



Song: Square House

YouTube 影片:

I live in a square house, in a suare house, in a square house.

With a triangle roof, a triangle roof, a triangle roof,

And a circle in the sky, and a circle in the sky.

There's a knock, knock, knock

On the rectangle door, on the rectangle door.

But we still have more. (And there is no more.)


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