Picture Book: Arnie the Brave

1  (網路圖片)


Song: A Sailor Went to Sea 


孩子邊唱邊玩clapping game



Picture Book: Pirate Pete

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Activity: Making a Paper Plate Pirate



Song: A Pirate Went to Sea


Picture Book: Portside Pirates

4 5   




Song: Over the Deep Blue Sea

(CD: Come and Make a Circle by Susan Salidor)

When I was one, I had some fun on the day I went to sea.

I jumped aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me.

He said,

"Go this way, that way, forward, backward, and over the deep blue sea!"


two...tie my shoe

three...skin my knee

four...shut that door

five...did some hand jive

six...pick up sticks

seven...look up at heaven

eight...learn to skate

nine...fish with a line

ten...cluck like a hen


準備stretching band當pirate ship,

孩子隨著歌詞this way, that way, forward, backward左右前後晃動



Activity: Treasure Chest Toss




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